3 Ways to Declutter Your Office Using ScanSnap and eFax

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Everyone loves “spring cleaning” because it offers a fresh start. But you don’t have to wait until spring to get organized! Whether its piles of paper or unnecessary office equipment, decluttering your office is always welcome, any time of year.

Still have a desktop fax machine in your office? With a costly landline to send and receive faxes? Maybe you have a big, clunky file cabinet that stores all your faxes and is taking up valuable office space.

Treat yourself to the gift of decluttering your office!

Fax Online With eFax and Your ScanSnap Scanner

With the eFax online fax service, you can receive, view, edit, sign and send faxes with any internet device. Whether you want to send a fax from your smartphone or computer, no paper is needed.

And when you need to fax a paper document, simply scan the document into your ScanSnap scanner and send it by email.

I love the fact that I don’t need a fax machine. My ScanSnap scanner does it all.” — Livio R.

Receive Fax Confirmations by Email

Whether you send a fax by email or through your ScanSnap scanner, eFax will always email you a confirmation as soon as the fax transmission is complete.

No more waiting by your fax machine for a delivery receipt to print out. No more worrying that the fax didn’t go through, or that only some of the pages were transmitted successfully. And no more having to file that paper confirmation in your big file cabinet for your records. You’ll always have an email copy, and eFax will store the record online as well, for the life of your account.

Save Space and Money

When you use eFax with your ScanSnap scanner, you can get rid of your desktop fax machine — and all of the ongoing costs that come with it, like paper, ink and the landline you’re keeping active just for your faxes.

Also, because you’re moving to an online fax service, you can reclaim some of that all-important office space you’ve had to give up to that clunky file cabinet, outdated desktop fax machine and piles of paper.

"eFax makes faxing as easy as sending and receiving email."— Angel R.

Here’s How Easy it is to Fax With eFax and ScanSnap

Sending a Fax

  1. Scan document with ScanSnap.
  2. Punch in your recipient’s fax number.
  3. Send the fax electronically, right from ScanSnap, as a file attached to an email.
  4. eFax also archives a copy online for the life of your account for easy retrieval anytime.

Receiving a Fax

  1. Someone sends a fax to your eFax number.
  2. You receive it digitally via email or the free eFax mobile app.
  3. eFax also archives a copy online for the life of your account, where you can easily retrieve it anytime.


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